One hour reading                             Half Hour reading   

Please contact me for prices:

I can provide readings by email, phone or in person. With one hour readings I read past, present and future events. I also include a three card Angel card reading.

With the half hour reading that is usually for a specific question or a situation you want clarified.




2 Responses to Services

  1. Tamara Miles says:

    Greetings, I am apart of Tiffany’s online Organic Blood group (Tam Tam Away, is my Facebook name) Tiffany placed your link on her page for those of us interested in readings. I in a transition period & I seek clarity, guidance and understanding in many areas of my life. Simply stated, I’m in a stagnant whirlwind and I’m ready for a change. How much is a one hour reading?

  2. AskSmokey says:

    Please contact me personally for the prices on the readings I don’t know how long this, it has been here by website is been down on my end so I apologize for the delinquency of my response but if you’re still interested in a reading you can contact me

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