If you have a specific question that has been hauting you and you just can’t find a answer “Ask Smokey” leave your question here and I will address it to the best of my ability if you would prefer not for it to be posted please email me and I will answer there.

Love be with you


19 Responses to Questions/Answers

  1. Jada says:

    Why is Keith lying on me trying to torment me?

  2. jada says:

    why is keith lying on me and trying to torment me when he was exposed

    • AskSmokey says:

      Thank you Jada for your question, the message I am receiving about this situtation is that this is NOT the first time you have been denied the truth. Keith lives in a fantasy world and will not stop until he looks at himself for who he is, he is afraid of the consequences of his decisions and will look you in your face and tell you the untruth. What I am being told for you is to disconnect yourself or be willing to accept him for who he is, he has some inner work that he has to do and 2012 is going to bring him face to face with all of his motives, right or wrong he will have to deal with them. I hope this has helped you the decision is your at this point.

  3. jada says:


  4. Hi.. I do have two questions.. 1. Why my bestfriend David cut me off? and 2. Ive been very concerned about how my dad feels abt my life, if hes proud? Thanks.

  5. AskSmokey says:

    Blessings Urbanout doorgirl, the message that I am getting in regards to your best friend is that he is in love with you and it scares him because he doesn’t know how to handle this, so rather then express that to you it is easier for him to cut you off. David is going through his own personal self evalution and there are things that are coming up for him that he thought were long buried. Honor his decision to withdraw for now he will come back when he knows himself.

    Your Dad has never been one to express himself in a way that validates any positive aspect of your life or his, communications for all men are being challenged today more then ever and some men just don’t know how to deal with this, you don’t need his approval or validation you are who you are and doing the best you can at this moment. Embrace that and know as you accept yourself everyone else will as well, you are on the right track and just know there is light ar the end of tunnel. Just keep loving your Father for just being him and know he too is doing the best he can.

    Love be with you

  6. Hello Smokey. It is a joy to have found you. I do have two questions for you: 1. What do I fear the most? and 2. How will I break free from it? Blessings to you and thank you for your insight!

    • Smokey says:

      Arianna, I am pleased to talk to you, the Universe works in mysterious ways and our paths cross at just the right time. You asked me two questions and I will attempt to answer as correctly as I can.

      You fear the self that is you, you have NEVER felt comfortable with who you are and when forced to face YOU the fear of looking into you is very uncomfortable for you. There are things that are buried deep in your subconscious that are surfacing now in many forms but they are ALL a part of YOU. In moving forward you have to forgive YOU and that fear will disappear almost instantly.

      You can mediate, you can write a forgiveness letter to yourself and you can forgive others who have wronged you, I feel your reluctance to do this because it seems so simple. You have been in the process of doing just this the last 3 years and this year more intently then ever. Just stay focused and love who and what you are, and watch the miracles happen in your life.

      Love be with you

  7. Meaghan says:

    Hi Smokey. I have question for you. Should I continue my relationship with David and keep my trinity together, or should I move on. I have not been able to receive the messages my guides are communicating to me. Is there something I’m missing that I really should know?

    • AskSmokey says:

      Blessings Meaghan,

      Your relationship does present some issues that you need to address before you move forward or open the communication channels with your guides. David is a representation of ALL men in your life and your healing comes through him. You know and without going into great detail your Father is connected to this healing as well, I am getting the message that your relationship with David is not over and is going through a purging of emotions associated with relationships period. Once this forgiveness is done the flow of energy will open the channels to your guides. This is totally up to you when you want this to take place so yes you should continue your relationship with courage, forgiveness and love.

  8. Meaghan says:

    I’m so grateful for your response. Thank you very much.

  9. Ashley says:

    Ms. Smokey, I would like to know why I keep running into people with negative attitudes/are unkind to me. Is there anything that I am missing? These things have been happening quite frequently. Also, I often find myself frustrated.

    • AskSmokey says:

      Blessings Ashley,

      These people are mirrors of you and the things that need to be healed within yourself. This is the year for our transformation to be addressed. The veil of uncertainty is lifted from our energy field and we don’t want to address things of the past, but in doing so we are creating our future. You have been doing so much self work and have asked the Universe/God to rid you of these things that no longer serve you. When these people and situations present themselves ask yourself what is it I have to really look at and what lesson is here for me to fix if you don’t get a answer right away ask your angels. Also there is some forgiveness work that you have not completed that needs to be addressed as well, these people are really blessings and sign posts for your evolvement. I hope that this brings clarity to you this is going to be a great year for you Ashley.
      Love be with you

  10. Ashley says:

    Thank you so much for your insight, Ms. Smokey. That really helps. 🙂

    Love and peace,


  11. takiyah says:

    How can I develop understanding and growth to mature in relating to community while not allowing my inner child to supercede?

    • AskSmokey says:

      Blessings Takiyah,

      You need to embrace your inner child, in doing this acknowledging and honoring that child we mature. Try not to react or punish yourself to the degree that you feel unworthy of your reactions. I feel that your addressing your ego and not your inner child. In either case both are necessary for our evolvement and growth. You recognize when this energy takes over, stop and take a long deep breath and re-elevate the situation you will have a different perspective and come to the correct conclusion.

      • takiyah says:

        Blessings Smokey,

        Yes, now that time has passed I am aware that I was being reactionary and allowing my insecurities take over. I have been involved with a wonderful man for a few months. It feels great, comfortable, care free and easy. However there is some distance between us and this is where the doubts come in. I’m trying to recognize my ego during the situation and not after :). This takes patience, being conscious and forgiving of myself. I am very happy with myself feel empowered and strong. I am thankful that he and I connected and grateful for the time we share with one another. Thank you for responding. Love and Light to you always!

  12. Ash. says:

    Good evening, Smokey. I have a serious question: Where do I place my focus right now? I feel stuck and without answers on what I should be using my energy for and where I am going. What do I do?

  13. Cheryl Harris says:

    What do you see my life life looking like in the future? Also I have concerns about my present job… Will I be able to remain at a job where in not fulfilled but need to earn a living?

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