I always had an interest in psychic readings, so I set out to find my roots regarding the spiritual world. My great aunt was a fortune teller, but being raised as a Seventh Day Adventist…this gift she had was taboo as far as our religious beliefs were concerned. Thirty years ago, I set out looking for answers to my questions, therefore, I read the bible, and sought out churches to develop a spiritual foundation.  My spirit resonated to the Religious Science of Mind doctrine and that is where my spiritual roots still exist.

     I am a firm believer that all religions were designed, regardless of individual beliefs, for each and everyone of us.  I have an intimate relationship with God and faith that there is ONE SOURCE.  I searched for a mentor to help me bring my abilities to the surface.  I was lead to a group of people who taught meditation and the ability to evoke psychic gifts to the physical self.

     My intuitive abilities consist of connecting to you, and allowing your angels to come over to me, and tell me what they want you to know: past, present, and future.  In the forefront of all of this, I surround myself and client with the protective light of God.  The words I convey to you are by no means written in stone, and what I see is in the moment can be changed at any time.

    As for my family life…I have two wonderful children, and two very loyal companions the four legged kind. I am surrounded by loving family and friends and for this I am eternally grateful.

Love be within your spirit,


You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. Unknown


One Response to About

  1. Linda, darling!
    I love your new website! I love you 2
    Looks to me like 2011 is going to be a shakin and movin year for you!
    Sending you tons of hugs!

    Love wrapped up in bow tied blessings!

    PS – where did the name Smokey come from?

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