We have heard it time and time again, be in the moment, live in the moment  what does that mean? Being present in the moment is probably one the hardest things we have to do, with over 50,ooo thoughts going through our heard constantly how do you just stop and be in the moment?  You step back, take a deep breath and look around you, notice things you would probably not pay attention to and look at details check the smells the colors and the energy of emotions you have in that space. We need to stop smell the roses or coffee whichever resonates with you.

Energetically we are in a position to design or create our reality more then we have ever been able to do in this era we are in right now. We are more sensitive then we have ever been so we have the ability to “To be in the moment”  so to speak it is imperative that we come together with our thoughts and focus ourselves to creating a reality beyond our greatest desires. For me I am learning that we really can change our realities with a simple switch in our thoughts. I am a firm believer in we attract what we need, when we need it in our lives. I live in the moment most of the time, I try to keep my focus on the moment and have noticed a different energy almost immediate to my world.


I am asking that you try this method and see how much your world will change and how the energies around you will shift in a positive way.

Until next time Love be with you




About AskSmokey

I am a spiritual counsel, psychic reader. I have been doing readings for over thirty years, and enjoy the joy of being able to help someone. I started this blog page to have a place for friends and family to come and leave their problems or blessings at my door step. My goal is to be a ear to lend when you can't talk to anyone else. There are no judgements, expectations or hidden agenda to coming here to ask your questions or just state your feelings.
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