MARCH 2013

February is over and this is getting a little ridiculous to say the least, the months are literally flying by like crazy. I really have to say that in these passing moments are they really flying by or is it just because I have incorporated new projects in my life that require my attention and that is why it seems time is going so quickly? Who knows? I just know for myself I am really enjoying my schedule and my goals are being accomplished that is so great for me.

I was talking to a friend about where I am now and where I was eight months ago, I just sit in amazement at myself because although I had a cheering section and I great support team I would have never pictured myself here today. I have learned so much in these months and have applied them to my life and I am a walking testimony that miracles and the power of your mind can create ANYTHING you want, so as we start this month of March let’s be like what the month says “Marching” to our goals and even though we may feel defeated at times just remember that we are co-creators of our world and I don’t know about you but I am going to make the best of this position and live my life to the very fullest.


Have a great month and if you would like to have a reading just click the tab above or you can catch me at on Wednesday’s for a free question. Namaste and 13 Love

Love be with you



About AskSmokey

I am a spiritual counsel, psychic reader. I have been doing readings for over thirty years, and enjoy the joy of being able to help someone. I started this blog page to have a place for friends and family to come and leave their problems or blessings at my door step. My goal is to be a ear to lend when you can't talk to anyone else. There are no judgements, expectations or hidden agenda to coming here to ask your questions or just state your feelings.
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One Response to MARCH 2013

  1. Joyce Cowan -Jennings says:

    Yes indeed you can get anything when you put your mind to it. All need is to believe or a as much faith as a mustard seed. Just go ask for what you want but then it’s up to you to Ho get an get it

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