Eight days until the end of 2011, supposedly the beginning of the end of the world. How many times have we heard predictions of the end of life just this year alone? As I look back over the past year, there were so many I lost count and yet we are still here. I know for many that it was the end for them whether it was because of an illness or accident or violent crime. When the end is meant for you there is NO stopping the inevitable and death comes knocking at your door.  I feel for me personally that death has happened to me in a metaphoric sense I have let go of old unfulling habits and attitudes and embraced new positive ones so in a sense I have ended my world as I knew it in the past. Over the last three years my transformation has been challenging to say the least but also looking back on it now, it has also been very rewarding.

   I feel that 2012 is going to be a brand new mindset and in a way it will be the end of old thought process and the beginning of a spiritual awakening we have never experienced in our lifetimes. As you reflect on the past year, really look deep within yourself and see the dramatic changes you have made in your life. Recognize the changes that have occurred with and without you really thinking “When did this happen?” New lifestyles are being created, we are eating better, exercising, and meditating these are not new things but we have awakened to need to change our lifestyle in order to live a better life.  As you set your intentions or resolutions for the new year take a moment to really think about how you want the quality of your life to be, not for your spouse or partner not for kids  or parents but for “YOU” what can you do to make you happier, peaceful and be in harmony with all that come in contact with you.  Spend time journaling and expressing yourself in doing this you are releasing and making room for the new thoughts to manifest in your world.


        As the new year approaches and the old releases give thanks for all of things you have accomplished this year and even for the painful experiences who have endured and know, that you are the co-creator of your world and make this new year be ALL have you have ever dreamed possible for yourself and live your life just the way you want to live it. I say to each of you “Namaste” and may God/Source bring you the blessings you desire now and forever. This is a never ending process and as we strengthened our connection with source we realize that miracles happen all the time and through LOVE any and everything will be done for our highest good.

Love be with you



About AskSmokey

I am a spiritual counsel, psychic reader. I have been doing readings for over thirty years, and enjoy the joy of being able to help someone. I started this blog page to have a place for friends and family to come and leave their problems or blessings at my door step. My goal is to be a ear to lend when you can't talk to anyone else. There are no judgements, expectations or hidden agenda to coming here to ask your questions or just state your feelings.
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