It’s that time, we HAVE to be the change we want to see.

It’s a couple of weeks into June, the months are slipping by as fast as the sands in a time capsule and it is the time for change. So much has happened to me personally and the changes I see are amazing, unbelievable and exciting to say the least. I look in amazement at where I am today and wonder how did I get here! Two years ago, I felt my life had no meaning I would start projects and end them as quickly losing interest with no remorse. I have made commitments I never thought possible and I love that I can get up every morning and feel like I have purpose. The only thing that has changed is my perspective of how things should be and how they are, and how I respond to them. I love my life, I love my passions and I love my purpose, my purpose being to LOVE myself and to share that l0ve with all that I come in contact with, so if you want to change things it really is ALL up to you to do just that, live your life on your terms and share your appreciation for life and God with everyone you meet. Time is slipping by quickly be the change you want to see for your future and that of your extended self.

Love be with you



About AskSmokey

I am a spiritual counsel, psychic reader. I have been doing readings for over thirty years, and enjoy the joy of being able to help someone. I started this blog page to have a place for friends and family to come and leave their problems or blessings at my door step. My goal is to be a ear to lend when you can't talk to anyone else. There are no judgements, expectations or hidden agenda to coming here to ask your questions or just state your feelings.
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One Response to It’s that time, we HAVE to be the change we want to see.

  1. Time is moving swiftly. I am a seasonal person and it seems as though with the season change, I make a slight change. I’m always looking in the mirror to see what I need to do to improve me, my own evolution. Thanks so much for reminding us!

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