A Message of Hope

A Message of Hope

This is a most exciting time for humanity. Change is upon us and we as Divine creative beings can now consciously choose the direction in which we turn. This is the first time in the history of our humanity that human kind will consciously choose this direction, the first opportunity to vote collectively for that which we desire to see. The time of that great change is upon us. We are powerful co-creators and we have an unprecedented occasion to steer our ship of desire toward the path we intend.

As One great critical mass, we feel truth in our Divine Beingness and we raise our hands and say yes to vital change. Yes to a better harmonious plan for abundance and yes to our personal ability to dream this world into being. One loving heart creates wonders when directed with the purest intentions. Many hearts aligned create significant change for us all.

In 2007, we defined our intentions to the world. There are enough of us here now willing to do what it takes to create this beautiful new world. Millions of us defined ourselves as conduits for this change. Then in 2009, we choose to be present with this truth, acknowledging our co-creative ability. In defining this truth, we agreed that being present and accountable was the way to becoming the “I am” that creates change. Each of us stepping forward and being accountable for our own heart and mind creates a mass of humans such as the world has never seen. This collective group of humans have defined defined their intentions with accountability for their actions and now look to become the change that is inevitable.

Now as we become one field, we shall manifest from the heart via the mind. We plant our seeds of desire for a world of peace, abundance and joy for every living being in form. We remember our place in the universe and our ability to co-create as we gather for one more hour to set our loving intentions and lift the energy field of this planet. In knowing that each “I am” helps to create a force field of “we can” set with the intention to make change happen. We become one field for one hour so that we may get a jump start on this new time and begin it at the most advantageous starting point: the highest human frequency of joy and love with hope and optimism for a more splendid way of being.

Humanity is ready and there are indeed enough of us to propel this earthly field into its true potential. This earth sustains us and it is time to be in gratitude for all that we have and for all that is yet to come. What do we have to lose?

In remembering our true essence of Divinity in form, vote consciously and joyfully for abundance and make it so. We come to the well of life not with the thimble of the past but with the largest buckets we can carry. We open ourselves to Divine truth, to the simple delight in being.

On November 11, 2011 at 11:11 GMT we choose to be defined as one collective field of Divine beings; we choose to be present with ourselves and with each other and we choose to become the great manifesting field of energy which is our birthright.

Join us as we form a collective group of human energy to once again Fire the Grid. Become part of a project by the people for the people. Choose initially to create a healthy vibrant planet in which to share experiences, then choose to add your personal joy to that field. One hour of open heart loving intention is all that is needed. No money necessary, no groups to join. We simply choose to see our collective power of manifestation, unite as one field and become our greatest truth.

Make your vote count, make your voice heard. Join the joyride and unite in Love to fire the grid and help catapult us into our highest potential for the dawn of this new time. Become the beacon of light your Soul intended you to be, for yourself, for each other and for our collective future. Remember who you are.

I remember.
Samoiya Shelley Yates


About AskSmokey

I am a spiritual counsel, psychic reader. I have been doing readings for over thirty years, and enjoy the joy of being able to help someone. I started this blog page to have a place for friends and family to come and leave their problems or blessings at my door step. My goal is to be a ear to lend when you can't talk to anyone else. There are no judgements, expectations or hidden agenda to coming here to ask your questions or just state your feelings.
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